20 October 2006

Great Wall of Mine-a

Friends of Prometheus had been doing the Grafitti My Blog wall, an ingenious concept by Frank Sirianni. Frank has so many walls, Prometheus thought of dubbing him Wall Mart, but killed the pun before it reached civilized eyes. Since Lizza stonewalled his mongering for doing a wall for him, he said to himself 'Wall, lets do it ourselves'. Before he could come up with more brain damaging puns, he mailed his wall to Frank. This process involved much trepidation since Prometheus' dalliance with art had ended when his drawing teacher turned an unimaginable shade of purple upon beholding his masterpiece.

Prometheus suspects Frank is an illustrious member of the SPCA and PETA, for Frank not only liked the wall but has lavished such praise upon him that Prometheus turned the aforementioned shade of purple, albeit for different reasons. He posts his wall here, in honor of the Grafitti My Blog tradition and goes off to plot a celebration upon becoming another brick in the amazing grafitti wall.

Disclaimer: Prometheus, while claiming ownership of this collage, does not claim any rights or lefts on the components of the said collage and attributes them to their respective or disrespective creators. Prometheus does not take any responsibility for ocular damage caused or artistic sensibilities affected. Viewers are advised to use protective equipment. Prometheus knows this fontsize is unreadable, but fine print wouldn't be fine print if it weren't in fine print, wot?


Anonymous said...

You did it! You finally did your wall. It's so phallic. It's so YOU! So, you're another brick in the wall, huh? Mother-of-Pink-Floyd, you're a stitch. I'm so glad you claim no rights or lefts. Excellent wall. Stupendous wall. Ausgezeichnet! (How purple are you?)

Anonymous said...

You did it!!! Great work, mon ami. Symbolic stuff. And tee-hee at Gem's reference to phallic. You subliminal person you.

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich likes your wall and will get round to making his own some time.

zeroimpact said...

A nice wall... I have mine done too but not submitted yet
Yours is very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Divine Graffiti, eh? It comes from someone totally off the wall.
I first visited your blog through the comment you had left at my link exchange invitation. I was ticked by the rather graphic blog title. However I was pleasantly surprised when the content turned to be pretty different from what I had expected it to be. Well, rest assured we readers know we won’t ever be driven up a structure like this. ;-)

(My wishes to the architect of the Great Wall of Mine-a. You had said you were going to miss Diwali.)

H said...

H bows down.

Thou are a rock-farkin'-star/stud.

This wall is Wallunderous.

O middle-finger, thine art is fine. great. stupendous.

And happy Diwali while we're at it.

Woke said...

I have decided to retire (hurt) after viewing this masterpiece.
Accept me as your disciple, the great one.

Anonymous said...

Suspect suspects you have hit a wall when you have Yoda and a metallica font in the same set of pixels.

The writing on the wall should be clear: check yo'sef.

Enough wall puns.

Mimi Lenox said...

I hereby bestow upon you - O Maker of Brilliant Brick - gold stars and A++. You are quite an original which makes you brave.