22 October 2006

Genesis of the Great Wall

Prometheus is in high spirits. No, they haven't appointed Bacchus as Food and Civil Supplies Minister here. His artsy-fartsy wall was well received, even liked by his friends. His spirits lifted when he pushed away the thought that all of his friends had en masse joined the SPCA and were observing Be Kind to Dumb Animals week. Happy, Prometheus is, to see the nice comments left on his wall. Also happy he is, to have crossed 5000 hits without jigging his counter.

In a related development, the inbox of Prometheus was inundated with interpretations of his wall, the Weirdo award going to the one asking 'Why's the lady on top left holding testes'. Inundation may be read to "4" questions. He thus felt the need to elaborate upon his genesis of his Great Wall.

It began with the a middle finger image. A pencil was drawn and morphed onto the middle finger. This became the centerpiece on the backdrop of Pink Floyd's album cover of "The Wall". The album cover text was hollowed out to leave but a vestige of the original. Next came Lady Justice, tied down, taken from another album cover. This time from "...And Justice for All" by Metallica. The Prometheus image was cut out and edged. As an afterthought, the face of Prometheus was replaced by that of Bela Lugosi playing Count Dracula. That should answer folk asking whether that B&W image is a mug shot of Prometheus. Next was the text-in-text image at bottom left. It reads 'Evil' within a border shaped like 'Good'. The title text was done in Metallica Old font with edging and glow added. More afterthoughts saw the addition of the One Ring onto the pencil-finger and finally "The Godfather" puppet controller just below. Unhappy with all this morbid imagery, Master Yoda threatened to slice n dice the wall with his lightsaber. Prometheus had to apply a charcoal effect and fade him out to stop the demolition.

Don Frank Sirianni annointed the wall with the Foxxfyrre tag and ordained it in his GmB wall of fame, in the process revealing the great truth of the conspiracy of Gemmolina and himself to get Prometheus to do a wall. And walk right into the conspiracy Prometheus did.

Dontcha hate it when ya hafta explain a joke?

Oh PS: Be honest, how many of those discrete items didja recognize? huh, huh?


zeroimpact said...

Now that is interesting... I know effort was put in, but not that much
Now I know where the images came from

Anonymous said...

I recognised Lady Justice, the pencil and the prometheus profile image. But I did end up reading 'evil' as 'good'.

Anonymous said...

The Metallica references whizzed right past me...doofus that I am. Of course I recognized the One Ring, Lady Justice (for what she is), and the universal gesture for "Up Yours, Matey!"

I read "evil" as "good"--that's brilliant! But I do believe that birdy there should be pecking on Prometheus' liver, not his neck (as it seems to be doing).

Congratulations on the Wall of Fame thingy! Your wonderwall deserves it, and so do you. PROUD of you, mon ami.

Tainted Female said...

Artists aren't supposed to explain their work!! ROAR.

Anonymous said...

How did you get Bela Lugosi's head on the same angle as Prometheus's? You are an amazing human being, no, a demigod, no a cyber-titan. Thanks for the explanation...I needed it.

Anonymous said...

Suspect is fucking bowled over by this 3rd person thing.

He notes that in his comment he noticed the metallica font and Yoda.

Smart Suspect is is, but malicious he is not.

terra shield said...

Honestly, I noticed the middle finger, the one ring, yoda and the lightsabre, and your symbol of prometheus.