31 October 2006

Duel of the Fates

Cad Goddeu is a sixth-century Celtic poem. The English version is called The Battle of the Trees. The poem, too long to reproduce here; signified a battle among gods, a battle of wits -not of force. The poem has inspired Shakespeare who in turn is said to have inspired Tolkien's Ents. Chinese Whispers.

The poem is like a book. No references to the length. It is like a book, for it has to be read completely to understand it. Various parts mean various things. The sum of these parts is the tale. The shortest meaningful extract, however, goes "Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging behind, in the head".

Probably the most famous Cad Goddeu inspired work is the Duel of the Fates. The soundtrack to Star Wars prequels. Usually played when the Jedi battle the Sith, but most significantly played as the theme to Anakin's transformation to Darth Vader. Lucas is said to have had this poem translated into multiple languages. He liked Sanskrit best, probably because not many know this language. Prometheus understands a bit of Sanskrit. Most words in the soundtrack are terribly bad pronunciations, if at all Sanskrit. However, it does seem to vaguely refer to "Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging behind, in the head".

So why babble about Celtic Star Wars? Come to the point, we must (to use Yoda grammar. PS: Yoda is most probably derived from the American pronunciation of 'Yoddha', the Sanskrit term for warrior).

Some time ago, Lizza felt Blue and Yaxlich felt Mondayne. With Prometheus, everything seems to be of epic proportions. He thinks he is Bipolar. He is Mondaynely Blue. He is faced with an uncharted course of actions. Like chess just after the opening has been played. The midgame can go any which way. There are no correct or incorrect paths. His game has come to a veritable Zugzwang. One cannot pass, or lose a turn, in chess. When faced with such a compulsory move, and when any move made will result in some loss or the other, a Zugzwang is said to have occurred. He is forced into Anakin's Gambit, to merge Star Wars and Chess. A gambit where he either loses everything material and then some more, immaterial things if he choses what he believes is honorable, but impractical. On the other hand, he loses his high moral ground but does the rational thing and can salvage a number of things that affect not just him, but those he loves, those who have sacrificed a lot for him.

"Your battle alone, it is. Help you, no one can".

Prometheus hates diary posts. He has tried never to blog about his day or week or even year. But he believes he owes it to his friends; that they should know that Prometheus might not be blogging for a while. He hopes he can come back to blogging sometime. And he hopes his friends will be there then.


Anonymous said...

So long, mi amor.

Anonymous said...

Vader be damned. Wishing you well I am, on that fight most dread you need to face.

I'll always be here for you, mon ami.

D said...

Aaaaaawwwww... I love Star wars... the originals though and mild admiration for the final installment of the prequels.

And hope I do, to see new posts again of yours.

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich hopes your light saber strikes true and you will return soon from whatever galaxy far, far away it is that you must travel to.

May the Force be with you.

Anonymous said...

Prometheus, I do understand you maybe more than I have ever shared and want you to be well.I too have fought similar battles. I'll certainly be anxious for you to return to the blogosphere and will be there for you.

Anonymous said...

As it should be to each their own path. Good luck to you on the road ahead.

Mimi Lenox said...

Prometheus....Mims made mention of you just today in her Peace Globe post. You commented that the project was a bit like using a plastic spoon to dig your way to China! And then sent in a wonderful globe to be placed in the gallery. I am glad you chose to participate. While you are gone and I see your globe it will remind me to say a little prayer of peace for you and wish you return soon to all your blogger friends. We will be here and waiting. Queen Mims

zeroimpact said...

Needless to say, come back and I'll be here
Be safe
Take care

Adrian Lankford said...

Well, I just found your writing so I'm kind of bummed you're going away for a while.

Good luck and I hope you find what it is you need, or are looking for.

terra shield said...

You can count on me being here... Good luck in whatever it is you're doing!

Woke said...

Hope you will not be away for too long and good luck!

H said...

Prometheus, may the forces be with you. Decisions are a bitch most often, but trust in that you will make the one that is right for you and those that you love. Let what they taught you about honour guide you and you will be well.

All of us [H, H & H] at Shout wish you well on your journey to finding the answer.

And we hope to see you back soon.