29 January 2007

Here We Go Again

Regular readers (as opposed to decaf readers) were warned earlier that fate has quite a few 'will this be the end of our hero' moments lined up for Prometheus. Life loves to play chicken with Prometheus. And though Prometheus is the uncrowned king when it comes to playing chicken with buses and trains, Life - The Universe - And Everything Else is always in the blue corner, the unbeaten, defending champion.

Prometheus had relocated to the sandbox, Dubai sometime early last year. He felt great about a new mission but pained at being uprooted from Mumbai (Bombay to the Americanians). Recently, he put a trip back home and saw both lands in a different perspective. Just as he was to begin his love affair with the UAE, he has been uprooted again. Back to Mumbai (Bombay to Americanians) he must go. And somehow, Mumbai (Bombay to Americanians) is not very conducive to blogging, with reference to Prometheus.

Will this be the death of The Moving (Middle) Finger? Not if Prometheus has anything to do with it. An arthroscopy (wikipedal* it) may be in order, followed by a hiatus. But death? We hope not.

Having dramatized another absence from blogging, Prometheus must now return to moping about traveling cattle-class and yes, that infernal activity called 'packing'. And of course, he brays and pelieves ** that his friends will not give up on him, though his stat counter tells him otherwise.

See ya around, folks.

* Wikipedal (v): To look up a term on Wikipedia.
** Bray & Pelieve: Spoonerism, do not wikipedal it. It'll spoil the fun of the next post.

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24 January 2007

OMG You Guys!

And the winner is "The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes".

Earlier this month, the fine folk over at the Blog of the Day Awards gave us the Blog of the Day Award.

Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

Now, we learn that we have also won the Insignificant Awards too.

So it's time for the Oscar Speech bit. Since the olfactory system of Prometheus is blocked tighter than Mumbai roads when the President visits, he has asked an old friend to do the awards speech thinger.

Prometheus' gotta go get loud suits and dark shades. Ah, being a celebrity is tough you know.

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21 January 2007

Your rant is important to us, We will be with you shortly

Some peeps here say that this blog fair is invisible in IE6. The interim solution is to upgrade to IE7, unless you don't find it demeaning to use Firefox. Though Senator Prometheus has taken up the issue with the Congress, he has yet to receive a reply. He assumes that the reply would be as follows:

Dear Senator Prometheus,
The 'invisibility' you refer to is not a documented bug. It is the all-new GhostPost feature in IE6 that has taken browsing to a whole new level. It is tightly integrated into our strategy codenamed 'ForceUpgrade' and as such, you have accepted out terms of usage when you clicked 'I Agree' on our 65535-page End User License Agreement. Thank you for using Tech Support. If you feel your query has not been satisfactorily answered, please upgrade to SupportLive, available at a special exchange scheme for your soul.

Among other issues taken up on 'Urgent Business' in the House today are 'Blogger and Gmail sign in automatically'. Which is, despite signing off and expiring cookies and cakes and emptying browser caches, the damn thing still logs directly into the dashboard and mail inbox respectively without requiring the password.

Just makes all the problems in Somalia seem tiny, innit?

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19 January 2007

Feels So Empty Without Me

In the words of the wise Slim Shady, "Guess who's back? Back again. Darth Prometheus is back. Tell a friend."

The trip was a roller coaster. The Devil in the Details is busy playing Pac Man at this time. Ergo, we shall divulge more later. Suffice to say for now that some [Don Corleone accent] Unfinished Business [/Don Corleone accent] is still a bit unfinished. And Prometheus is still a bit muddle-headed about things that have not yet come to pass. Quite a few "will this be the end of our hero?" moments still to come. And sinusitis apart, he loved almost everything about the trip.

In the interim, enjoy the soundtrack to this post and keep the comments coming.

Celebrate. Let mirth prevail. Prometheus is back.

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