11 October 2006

Block of VoIP

Sung to the tune of "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits.

Here goes Etisalat makin stories
Of values of the UAE
Here goes Etisalat blocking websites
Anyplace, where porn there may be

Block out the foxy, they got the Proxy
Makin sure you don't stray
Skype leads to eternal damnation
Long-distance charges, they make you pay

Come do the song about the blockhead ISP
About rewards in the afterlife
Come do the Block, do the Block of VoIP
Yeah, do the Block of VoIP

Weird Al Prometheusovich


Anonymous said...

Oh man thats brilliant!

On other news: Youve been tagged...again :)


Lizza said...

Witty, as usual! Good thing you don't have porn on your blog.

I feel for you, my friend, I really do. And I thought my ISP was nuts.

D said...

Heehee... damn funny...

zeroimpact said...

I bet the ISP guys will not be so happy and amused as I am
A good one there indeed
A really good one

Anonymous said...

Hey, Weird Al. I love parodies. I couldn't remember the tune of that Dire Straits song, so I popped over to Amazon.com and played it as a sample song. So, now I get it. Tres clever. One question...VolP?

terra shield said...


Now all is left is for me to check out the original tune by Dire Straits...

Currently the tune WALK WITH ME by Seven & The Sun is playing in my head

Prometheus said...

SS, Liz, D, ZI -thanks people. Your comments are the reward.

Gemmolina - Voice over Internet Protocol, the thing that lets poor expat Joe call his Momma back home using his computer and the Internet instead of paying vulgar amounts to the telecom guys in long distance charges, is called VoIP for short. Pronounced vaw-ip. Rhymes with Life..

Terra Terra Terra don't temme you ain't heard Mark Knofpler. Will try to put a snippet of the song here, but Prometheus don't wanna go to jail for copyright infringement.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. reminds me of the time after the bomb blasts in Mumbai when the Department of Telecom issued orders to ISPs to block blogs. They ended up blocking out all of blogspot, typepad and geocities.

Anonymous said...

Here are the original lyrics, for those who don't know the song:

Here comes Johnny singing oldies, goldies
Be-Bop-A-Lua, Baby What I Say
Here comes Johnny singing I Gotta Woman
Down in the tunnels, trying to make it pay

He got the action, he got the motion
Yeah, the boy can play
Dedication devotion
Turning all the night time into the day

He do the song about the sweet lovin' woman
He do the song about the knife
He do the walk, he do the walk of life
Yeah, do the walk of life.

Desert Lady said...


Gautam said...


Can't stop laughing..!!!

Tainted Female said...

'Weird Al Prometheusovich'

WAaaaaaaaa ahhh ahhh ahhh... I wonder how many other than Jen there, caught that.


Woke said...

Dear Weird Al Prometheusovich,
Your future looks bright in this city. More CUB awards on your way. :D

Anonymous said...

Suspect hsn't heard the song. Suspect does not understand your oblique references to Etisalat.

However, Suspect likes this third person thing, even though he will avoid overusing it like a certain greek character Suspect could name.

Suspect asks aforementioned greek character to keep up his cool work.