23 October 2006

The Amazing Meme of SilverSabre

Prometheus promised SilverSabre that he'd do his Amazing Meme. A visual depiction of one's favorite things.

Blogger tried its best to prevent Prometheus from posting images. Blogger has since learnt that a Promethean Promise is never broken and Hell hath no fury like Prometheus displeased. Ergo, we present the Amazing Meme as applied unto Prometheus.

Iron Eagles

Distilled sunrise

Six String Thunder

The Final Frontier

Shitty shitty? Bang bang!

Techno Prisoner

All Hail Gutenberg

The Fast, The Furious and The Luxurious

Everybody wants to rule the world

With friends like these, who needs the One Ring above?

As with all Promethean Memes, all ye who enter here stand tagged.


Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich is pleased to see his underpants on display. He will have a think about his favourite things and post about them soon. Just after he's done Mimi's Mental Meme.

Tainted Female said...

It's SO cute, really!

I tried my hardest to read some of the titles on them books there, but missed. You and I have little in common dear friend, little in common.


**And... over at Keefie's I got sucked into that blog myself. Stupid marketing tactics. Should have known better.

Anonymous said...

That's four on 10 things in common between your selection and mine. Only your presentation was a lot better than mine. I left out some of the other things you have put up because then I would have had to put roughly a dozen and a half pictures on display!
Thanks for including me..

H said...

Awwwwwwww. you sweet thing you!

I'll bet the lord and master didn't expect to be called that out of all things...

[Hail Prometheus, sweet thing, master of the universe...].

But you ARE sweet!

Prometheus said...

Prometheus wishes Yaxlich all the best in his endeavor to complete pending tags.

Taint, that ain't the bookshelf of Prometheus. Just a pic he swiped off the net. His bookshelf is in India and its pic would be a tad too large for this blog. Over a 1000 titles ya know.

Jules, it was easy to make a good presentation having started from already great ones like yours and SS's. Mee-sa had to curtail things too.

Big H, us Lords and Masters have a human side too, if only when we are in human avataar. Though the imagery put in the head of Prometheus by your 'sweet thing' comment was that of a puppy doggie woggie with big wet eyes being cuddled. Now imagine Master Yoda calling Darth Maul 'cutesy wootsie'.

Anonymous said...

Once again your brilliance leaves me breathless. I second H, you ARE a sweet thing, one who deserves a hug. So consider yourself cyber-hugged.

Books and bloggers are about the only thing we have in common here, though (and some things techie).

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I liked the clever caption for the photo of books. But I'm not a friend, huh. Well, that's just the way my day is going.

H said...

very cutsie wootsie... the image that is. About Prometheus - we'll just have to wait and see. grin.

Prometheus said...

Friend? Nay Gemmolina, yer the mothership. The Force that keeps thine Prometheus blogging.

Us diplomats are so damn good with excuses wot?

A billion apologies, Gemmolina. Whatever punishment thou imposeth upon Prometheus, will still not be enough. The Jedi are losing their ability to use the Force. Things slip away from them.

Prometheus goes off to commit harakiri with a lightsaber.

Prometheus said...

Before he commits harakiri, he updates the image. Actually, this was the image he'd made but software geeks ain't good with version control, right? And name one good system without a bug fix or a patch. So there.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to forgive me. I'm in a tug of war with my hormones today, yesterday, all weekend. Currently the score stands at hormones 972 vs. gem 0.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Your collection of books is almost twice the size of mine.

puppy doggie woggie with big wet eyes being cuddled. I hope it turns out to be something similar (wink, wink)

Mimi Lenox said...

I am honored to be in the blogger buddies collage. What a nice tribute to your friends and so creative. Now, Queen Memes must figure out how to do this in some sort of royal fashion. Blogger has been driving me crazy tonight but will see to it shortly. I agree with the others. You are sweet. Don't worry. You can still be ruler of the universe and make ladies swoon.

Adrian Lankford said...

Prometheus, you have a very manly list. No puppy dogs or kittens. Everything on this post can kill a man. Or, can kill a man twice as fast if the man wielding the item happens to be a ninja.

Some may argue and say that guitars, hologram keyboards, and books can't kill a man but that is because they lack the manly Promethian creativity to apply those types of weapons appropriatly.

Johnny Walker salutes you.

Lae said...

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Anonymous said...

I like the guitar babe in the original post better.

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terra shield said...

Hehehe... fantastic captions :)

PS: Nice to see the spiky blue hair on the blogmates collage :D