18 July 2005

Mirror Error

Mirror Mirror at the news stall
Mirror Mirror had a great fall
All the BC&C hoardings and all the BC&C men
Couldn't put Mirror together again

Wouldn't accept it doesn't sell at all
Papa Times weaved a tale so tall
Oh! the demand, Ah! the supply shortfall
And the format is called 'compact', not puny or small

05 July 2005

Nary a Win

Narry boy Narry boy, what’s with you?
Smokin your tyres and engine too

You’d screw launch control and miss a turn
We’d say ‘Much, the padowan, has to learn’

But your best finish at number four
When there were but five others more

Makes me think if there’ll ever be a time
When Monaco or Monza would play my national rhyme

Additional Joint Secretary of the Narain Karthikeyan Fan Club.
What to do? We Indians like fancy concatenated designations.