15 August 2006

Terms of Reference

At the cost of undermining the mystique of those Latin terms that appear on this blog, I translate them, upon request of a friend.

  • Verbum Sapienti Satis Est - A word to the wise is sufficient. Which may be construed to mean people who don't understand my posts are morons, not that I'm implying it.

  • Drinkeo Ergo Cogito. Cogito Ergo Sum - Is the abridged version of Drinkeo Ergo Cogito. Cogito Ergo Sum. Ergo Drinkeo Ergo Sum. Which may be construed to mean 'I drink therefore I think. I think therefore I exist. Therefore, I drink therefore I exist. In case you did not comprehend, refer Verbum Sapienti Satis Est above.

  • Veni, Vidi, Volo in Domum Redire - Means I came, I saw, I want to go home. Defined as the activity undertaken by readers of this blog in response to being overcome with sheer nausea.

Why Latin in the first place? Because its uber cool to use foreign words like uber. Also, one can write insulting things that masquerade as compliments, since Latin is Greek to most people (Greek insults would be Latin to them, but not so uber cool as Latin ones that are Greek to them).

Finally a limerick on the subject. It is not mine, therefore not unbearable.
Latin is a language
Dead as dead can be
It killed the ancient Romans
Now its killing me.

Whoever wrote this poem, you are credited ab imo pectore, therefore do not consider litigation, considering that I am represented pro hac vice by Advocatus Diaboli who will ensure that you are ex tempore visited upon ad infinitum by your matre legem.

For non-Verbum Sapienti Satis Est folks, that means, I thank 'from the bottom of my heart' whoever wrote this poem. Don't sue me, cuz my lawyers are the same guys who represent 'ol Lucifer, and they will ensure that your mother in law moves in with you immediately and forever.

Prometheus, the master of simplifying things by compounding them.


eriu said...

I wish I learnt Latin. I'm surprised they didn't do it at my old school, as it was Catholic and we should have all been reading the Bible in Latin, or something.

I tried to teach it to myself once, bought a load of Teach Yourself Latin books etc, but to no avail. I have no stamina for learning when I have no deadlines.

Lizza said...

Drinkeo ergo cogito ergo sum...sheer brilliance!

Which reminds me...I gotta go carpe the alcohol now :-)

Prometheus said...

eriu -Never learnt Latin at school myself. I always thought I'd travel the world. Picked up these terms while trying to pick up some survival terms like how to say 'Double tot of whiskey please' in a dozen different languages. This resulted in corrupting my thinking language, which officially is Pogado Tshib or Gypsy talk, which makes no sense to even myself, which results in the unfathomable things I do.

Lizza -No can carpe alcohol so easily in my coordinates. Been dry for about 4 months now. Damn withdrawl symptoms. My hands shake so much that I can't splle prperly.

Amanda said...

not as impressive as the latin but I can ask for beer and say thank you in about 6 languages..

Prometheus said...

Cheers to that! My cup runneth over.

Morticia said...

verily, I say unto you, sic