11 December 2006

To Beta or Not to Beta

That is the question.

Blogger, dear friends, has offered to take the Blog of Prometheus into its Beta fold. Prometheus thinks it has to do with the Displeasure of Dear Leader. He knows not whether this would result in the classic 'Help, I upgraded from Girlfriend 5.0 to Wife 1.0" syndrome. He solicits the opinions of those that have taken the plunge. To Beta or Not to Beta.

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Anonymous said...

You'll always be Alpha.

But Blogger Beta ain't too bad. It breaks you in gently.

Anonymous said...

Take the plunge!

Anonymous said...

Beta is a farting farce. seriously. but that's from me, H of the men&machines ineptitude

Anonymous said...

I found the Beta better and faster than the old Blogger. It is easier to tweak the layout around and the tags or 'labels' get you more search hits.

P.S:When you upgrade me from "Girlfriend 5.0 to Wife 1.0" I hope you won't go around solicting opinions about "To Betroth or Not to Betroth".
Also, as in the case of Wife 1.0, un-installing THIS Girlfriend can be disastrous.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Beta will patronise Prometheus, assuming he cannot re-write his own HTML. Then its template editing section will fail to include all the structures of his blog in the 'Fonts and Colours' sub-section, which will frustrate him and force him to re-write HTML anyway.

Otherwise, MTS has found Blogger Beta is either an improvement on Blogger, or is at least no worse than the original.

Prometheus said...

So Beta seems fun.

Liz - Girl, thanks for Alpha tag. Sounds good, Alpha.

MTS - Since Prometheus is nice enough with HTML, he thinks he can take the plunge; as Radha said.

Jules - Prometheus only 'solicits the presence of friends and family at the auspicious ocassion' (oh shoot those boring Indian welding invites). Uninstall you? Never fear. Prometheus is too old-fashioned for that. (umm.. there is the 'Restore to Last Known Good Configuration' option, right? Just [strikethrough]checking[/strikethrough] kidding!

Anonymous said...


Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich played with Blogger Beta the other week and didn't really like it. Besides, it didn't like his current template and although Yaxlich is fluent in HTML, he really couldn't be bothered to recode the entire template just to keep Google happy.

He will wait until Blogger forces him to change.

Anonymous said...

I switched to beta a few weeks ago and I wish I hadn't. It's supposed to be easier for ludites like me and yet I remain confused by it. In fact the only upside that I can see is that I no longer have that message about moving to beta everytime I log in. Well actually posts do upload quicker. But maybe I just don't like change!