15 December 2006

Forty Two

An update on The Journey to the Beta of the Blogger: Blogger let Prometheus get past the Beta sign-in stage and gave him a tour of Beta Asylum and then went back to playing canine female again. Not to be outdone, Prometheus created another blog with another Goo-farkin-gle account to see what Beta had in store. And dismayed he was. To (mis)quote Gandhi, "Two-bit features do not a version make".

Onto today's business. That amazing woman from Pinoyland tagged Prometheus with a meme (apologies Woke, but a tag is a tag). This one makes the tag-ee reach for the nearest book, turn to page 123, skip 5 sentences and post the next 3 sentences. FYI, the bookshelf of Prometheus (smaller than the garden of his uncle but larger than the pen of his aunt) is back home in India. He has but one ebook on his computer, which he shall use for the purpose of this meme.

Aboard the Vogon ship, Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz was puzzled. He had expected a chase, he had expected an exciting grapple with tractor beams, he had expected to have to use the specially installed Sub-Cyclic Normality Assert-i-Tron to counter the Heart of Gold's Infinite Improbability Drive, but the Sub-Cyclic Normality Assert-i-Tron lay idle as the Heart of Gold just sat there and took it.

A dozen 30-Megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon cannons continued to blaze away at the Heart of Gold, and still it just sat there and took it. He tested every sensor at his disposal to see if there was any subtle trickery afoot, but no subtle trickery was to be found.

He didn't know about the tea of course, nor did he know exactly how the occupants of the Heart of Gold were spending the last three minutes and thirty seconds of life they had left to spend.

The tag requires Prometheus to mention the name and author of the book. But he'd like to put a twist in the tale, a spanner in the works and such sort of a thing. A riddle. Your task, dear reader, is to, without cheating (like but not limited to referring search engines) is to find the author and the book that those lines above came from. Prometheus has left a clue, if you know where to look.

Persons contemplating cheating should know that Prometheus has something far worse than 30-Megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon cannons aimed squarely at their delicate regions.

Oh, Prometheus must now tag three others. So Yaxlich, Gem and SilverSabre. Go guys.

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terra shield said...

My guess is Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy...

I promise I didn't peek

Anonymous said...

I second Terra. I didn't cheat either, so put that damn weaponry away. Or point it in the direction of the Blogger Beta gods.

Anonymous said...

Prom, ye are a fine writer is what I say. With of course a propensity for thukka thukka thukkaaaaa and badarsed arnie-prose. However, H is much in awe.

Anonymous said...

Cool. What a cool meme! Well, I thought you said the author was thyself. So author: Prometheus. Book: Heart of Gold. I'll try your meme tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything."

Hooray for Prometheus! MTS' favourite Hitch-Hiker's line is, "We Appologise For The Inconvenience."

As she told Yaxlich, MTS is drung. Drunk. Sorry.

Prometheus said...

Gemmolina, you flatter Prometheus. He's good, but not THAT good.

Nice duck, H.

Terra and Liz, yer both right. Prometheus will consider a suitable reward. Any requests?

MTS, YaaaY girl. What Terra and Liz dint get was "42". Now, ya'll make one real good doc. And yus, 'We apologize..' is Prometheus' fave line too.

Prometheus said...

Oh PS: Nobody said Douglas Adams.

Morticia said...

If it wasn't against my cyber-religion to tag memes, I would have done "10 Christmas songs you'd hate to stuck in an elevator with".

Love, The Grinch.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just read your comments. I'm too cool to be cross with you over such trifling issues. Back-to-back exams kept AWOL.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Terra and Liz because you've already declared them correct. See how smart I am? Now...what is my reward?
And please, stop the violence.

Anonymous said...

And yes, this awesome meme and your ultra-awesome response will be honorarily placed in Book Meme Central with the rest of your genius.

Prometheus said...

Aww Jules, it's okay. Prometheus can understand you being J. Ya don't hafta deny it ;-)

Queen Mims, what may a poor peasant offer in reward to an empress?