14 December 2006

Bitter Blogger Beta Blogger

Blogger is behaving awfully American these days. No offense (see? Prometheus spells it 'offense' like them Yanks, not 'offence' as the Queen spooks) to his American friends, but Blogger is behaving like the gubment. Prometheus can feel Blogger prodding him onto the Beta. They teased him with labels and widgets. Then they actually offered him the upgrade. And now they won't let him comment on his friend's (who have moved to beta) blogs. And anyways, all his friends have already left him in his plain vanilla Blogger land and moved to Beta land.

Thus and therefore, Prometheus edges closer to Beta. He wanted to hold off till Blogger grew up, but not littering his friends blogs with awful comments was too much to ask for. He has tried to back up his blog. He hopes Blogger uses professional movers and packers who don't break his stuff on the way.

Prometheus is off to break on through and hopes his friends will carry fond memories of him in case he does not make it to the other side. Oh, guys, you have been good friends. Prometheus is proud of you and your friendship. He will always look upon you from blog heaven, so be nice.

Ave Blogger! Morituri te salutamus!*

*Hail Blogger! We who are about to die wish you get your head stuck in the posterior of a farting hippopotamus.

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Anonymous said...

Oh shut it drama queen! even's i [of the many many inept, non-talents] have made it to the other side to tell you that it's a farting farce. But you pay no heed to what i say...


Oh. and I didn't know that the 'se' and the 'ce' were the difference between American and English. [hhhhhhhaaaaahahahahahha]

Anonymous said...

umm. even I don't know what "even's" is.

blame it on my typing fingers.

Prometheus said...

Guess what guys, Blogger is scared of Prometheus.

Either that, or they are FARKING OFF THEIR FARKING ROCKER, THOSE FARKING LOBOTOMIZED RETARDED ROACHES. Now they're telling Prometheus his Beta account is not ready. Blogger is behaving like one of those irrifarkingtating kids whose heads Prometheus would love to squash slowly under a Hummer after he's done dragging them over a cactus patch behind the aforesaid Hummner, dangling by their genitalia from red-hot meat hooks. He hopes Google is slowly digested alive in the innards of a magma-puking Goliath, after its head is slowly crushed under said Hummer.

That felt good.

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich feels your pain. He too is suffering from the comments problem. He doesn't want to move to Beta. He likes Classic.

Prometheus said...

This is RICH. Google is now playing the canine female. It sticking that 'convert to our new religion' nonsense in Prometheus' face again. Now it's Prometheus' turn to play 'hmphhpfffft, talk to the hand'. Er, no. Talking to the HAND would be a good thing for Goo-farkin-gle. Talk to Dubya's hand. Now THAT's insulting.

Anonymous said...

Shhhh, calm down. You'll get a hernia. Patience, mon ami. You and Blogger will come to terms soon. The Dark Side beckons.

r0xx said...

Yer loozin it, Prom boy. Since when did a L337 J3d1 wet his pants over a pathetic blog site. Sic em, boy.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of anxiety when I first switched to Beta, trying to understand how to use the widgets. Now that I'm comfortable with them, I have to confess, the Beta version is so much easier in many ways. (I love how I can change up stuff in my sidebar and I do that--all the time--in case you haven't noticed.)

Prometheus said...

Liz, yer sweet. Prometheus will be patient.

R0xx0r, yer right. Prometheus is loosing it. He's getting soft. He must forthwith overdose on contraband and listen to some death metal and grow his hair long and not take a bath and go about molesting other people's computers.

Gemmolina, of course Prometheus noticed the change of name and the sidebar changes. Blogger won't let him comment on your (on anybody else's) blog. Which is why he hasn't commented so much. But the Jedi in him senses a divergence in the Force. Something wrong, galefriend? Did Prometheus do a boo boo or sumpin?

Morticia said...

Poor hippopotamus.

This commenting on beta sites issue must be in the Northern Hemisphere because I'm still able to post comments on either kids without fear of rejection. Bu all things change and I'm sure that we, in the Antipodes will catch up with the rest of the world soon enough. Oops, I just bit my tongue; that's what happens when you park it in your cheek.

I don't think a great deal of the beta version, having set up the kid's blogs for them but I have to admit is has given non-techical users a better control over their template. I won't be changing until sometime after Hell reaches a sub-antarctic ambient temperature.

Or they make me.

Personally, I blame Santa.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know my blogger friends have not been avoiding. I was beginning to get a bit sad with so few comments. I've had trouble posting comments also and it's frustrating. It WAS scary going to BETA and some of the kinks are crazy. They don't accept "foreign templates" very readily and try to make you stay with their boring outlays. I'm contemplating purchasing webspace and going from there if this doesn't soon get better. Thanks for ranting and CHILL. We love you even when you rant.

Prometheus said...

Tish, Prometheus has also decided to wait till his geeky urge becomes unstoppable and he has to play with new beta toys. He doesn't think Blogger is hemispherically biaised, though. That's too challenging for their poor cranium.

Mims, Prometheus too had major self esteem issues after his comment count dropped. He can't afford to pay for blogging. He did try to tinker at WordPress to ascertain alternatives. But as of now, he's in a forgiving mood and hopes Blogger reconciles.

D said...

Errr... I haven't switched over to Beta either... but I can comment on the Beta blogs!!! :S

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