13 December 2006


Leetspeak (elite speak) is to computing what SMS or texting is to mobile phones. This form arose back in the days when you connected to a BBS on a 9.6 Kbps dialup using the XModem-CRC protocol. What began as a time/bandwidth saving utilitarian idea soon became the esoteric secret lingo of hackers and geeks alike. Leetspeak basically tranposes the letter for a shape; so A is 4, B is 13, M can be /v\ and Hacker is H4x0R.

But this here is supposed to be a humor blog. So where's the fun part? Well, Prometheus came upon a nice pic. And he found Slim had already written about it. But nonetheless, he felt like adding his 7\/\/0-B17$ \/\/0r7-.

Presenting L337 7335, or Elite Tees:

Oh by the way, PR0/\/\37-3U5 (4\ r34D 7-47. PR0/\/\37-3U5 \33D5 70 937 L41D.

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r0xx said...

Pr0/v\/v\'/ b0'/, j00Z R 91\/1|\| 0U7 0Ur $3(r37$. d0|\|'7 /\/\4|<3 U$ pwn j00Z. ;-)

LAR said...

4M@z1ng H0W +H3 P30pL3 IN +3h 7ecH W0rLD C@n c0M3 uP Wi+H 5uCh COdE5. i loV3 COD35 @Nd i h4d FUN Re@D1Ng y0uR Po$+5, $1R PR0m37H3U5!

Prometheus said...

R0xx0R you phreak. WTF have you been all this time? Prometheus thought you got end-tasked and went to end task hell. Good to have you here chap. And oh, as regards pwning Prometheus? Dream on boy. Pr0/v\37-3U5'$ 9r4|\||\|'/ (4|\| -4x0r j00Z.

Hey LAR. Good to have you here too. 73(- 9u'/$ d0\7 -4\/3 a L1f3. (0/v\1\9 uP \/\/17- 5u(- ju\|< 1$ 0ur \/\/4'/ 0f -4\/1\9 fu\.

Anonymous said...

Damn it!

Well, I hope that Prometheus gets to do what he needs to do. And pronto! :-D

Anonymous said...

\/\/|-|'/ d0|\|'7 j00Z jU57 (U7 7|-|3 933|<'/ (R4P! 1 4/\/\ 9L4D 1 d1D |\|07 74|<3 UP 50Ph7\/\/4R3. 4|\|D 0|-|, 7|-|3 p1( 4|\|D Ph007|\|073 4R3, \/\/3LL, 1|\||\|0\/471\/3.

Prometheus said...

Liz, where have ya been?

Jules mon amour, Prometheus can explain. Well, it was a joke. Honest. Yust kidding. No, he didn't mean any of that. Hey, listen. Its not what it looks like. Prometheus doesn't know that gal. And he doesn't like that tee at all.


LAR said...

jUnK I7 m@y 5e3M BU+ A7 L34$7 w3'r3 H@v1N9 FuN. :-D +H@NK J00 VerY MUcH FOr tH3 L1nk 8u7 J00 d0N'7 h4v3 +O. 1'm rE4LlY 3NJ0Y1n9 y0ur 8Log$1+3 +h@t'$ WHY I liNkeD I+. bu+ 1'm V3Ry 9r473PHul foR 17. :-)

Prometheus said...

No problemo LAR, any friend of Lizza's a friend of Prometheus. And Prometheus enjoys your photoblog too.