30 March 2007

To Americana

They have an amazing sport called 'football'
Where the bladder hardly touches the foot at all

Straight-clothed people race cars on a straight road and the sport is called 'Drag'
And it is indeed abnormal if you try to 'bum a fag'

'Peace-out' doesn't involve participating in Dona Nobis Pacem
NPT is for us, their military might you can't matchem

They play a game with their neighbors and call it World Series
And NASA might have rockets aimed at colonizing Ceres

Love them or hate them, you really can't ignore them
They gave us the N-Bomb but they also gave us Ogden Nashem


Lizza said...

Haha! What would it take to apply for Ceres citizenship?

And just what inspired this version of Americana, mon ami?

Prometheus said...

Ceres citizenship? Oh! All it takes is a deep pocket. Very very deep. You know the drill, 'if you got the money honey, we got your disease'.

Wayll, Prometheus was ODed on Ogdie. And Justin wrote about football. Prometheus replied with a comment and was immediately struck with a "Nash moment".

Radha said...

I love posts abt america which don't include the words bush and iraq !they're so rare these days!
Good job :)

Optimistic Guard said...

Great post!! Its amazing how people differ in different cultures.

D said...

You can rhyme!!!!! Wooooooooohooo!

Driver8 said...

Let me see: In Americana:
If you are seen walking anywhere, you are off your meds.
More of anything is better and too much is just enough.
If its really expensive it must be the best.
You should always have more (of everything) than your neighbor.
A 2 liter diet drink always makes up for a Double Whopper and Large Fries!
"Desperate Housewives" are not just on Television.
However, since we did not give you George Bush, we hope you would forgive our little faults.

Prometheus said...

Yer right Radha, its terribly difficult to not mention bushyrack.

OG, what's more amazing that these differences run too deep.

Deezer, wayll.. dat was a homage to Ogden Nash. Tried to imitate him.

Driver8, most of those things hold true for the UAE too. Just that we don't mention the housewives ;-)

Radha said...

btw, thx for the link....loved this one:
He who is ridden by a conscience
Worries about a lot of nonscience;
He without benefit of scruples
His fun and income soon quadruples. :))

Anonymous said...

Consider my funny bone tickled. Not even Ogden Nash, nay, Walt Whitman nor Emily Dickinson can undo the damage caused by the Decider.

D said...

I just remember Ogden Nash's poem about going to the dentist...one I totally identified with when I read it coz I was going through a series of dentist visits...

SilverSabre said...

hehe :) I feel very privelaged to have had one of those stanzas tested on me :)

Great Job oh master of the flame.

Prometheus said...

Good to see you followed the link Radha. Ogden always amazes Prometheus, even if he re-reads a poem for the nth time.

Gemmolina, Prometheus is honored to tickly thy funny bone.

Deez, that's the power of humor. Someone like Ogden can make a root canal look funny. Eases the pain, innit?

SS, you have the gratitude of Prometheus for doing his QC.