24 September 2006

Tag, Heuer it

Prometheus, devoid of ideas bloggable, found an excuse for a post when his friend Yaxlich tagged him. He was tagged by Lizza with a book meme, but it hurt way too much to name just ONE book for every question. Yaxlich, being a kind Englishman, tagged Prometheus with this:

  1. The last movie you saw in a theater, and current-release movie you still want to see.
    Prometheus, like his friend Yaxlich, last saw Revenge of the Sith, an aeon ago. He loves Star Wars, even more than President Reagan. Prometheus explains his single status by telling people that he is a Jedi and is thus forbidden to take a consort. This way people think of him as just mad, not gay. Not to say that gay is worse than mad, but it helps gay folk understand that Prometheus is not available. Prometheus is woefully out of touch with current releases.

  2. The last movie you rented/purchased for home viewing.
    The Lord of the Rings, all three of them. He has read the book twice and is currently researching the Races of Arda.

  3. A movie that made you laugh out loud.
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Three Amigos, .. um.. does Prometheus have to stop?

  4. A movie that made you cry.
    Spiderman. It wasn't a biotech bug, MJ wouldn't be that dowdy on a bad everything day and subway people don't get to pore over Spidey's unmasked face. As the favoritest superheroes of Prometheus, he was aghast at the misrepresentation of truth.

  5. A movie that was a darling of the critics but you didn't think lived up to the hype.
    Prometheus doesn't recall any. Much time has passed since he critiqued the critics.

  6. A movie that you thought was better than the critics.
    Movies are generally better than critics. If Prometheus were to assume the question is the opposite of the one above, he would say Godfather, Scent of a Woman and some such can never be rated high enough.

  7. Favourite animated movie.
    Shrek, closely followed by Space Jam. Prometheus loves Bugs Bunny and Elmew Fudd. You better wike them too, or Sir Prometheuf will speaw you with his wance.

  8. Favourite Disney Villain.
    Refer (5) above.

  9. Favourite movie musical.
    Chicago, for mon darling Catherine Zeta Jones and Richard's razzle dazzle.

  10. Favourite movies of all time (up to five) in no particular order.
    Top Gun (cheesy, but Prometheus always wanted to do inverted negative 3G dives at Mach 2)
    Star Wars, all of them (still counts as one)
    LOTR, just like Star Wars above
    Finding Forrester
    Sholay (Bollywood's biggest ever movie)
    That is six even by fudged numbers, but Prometheus claims temporary loss of ability to count.

As with tag games, Prometheus must tag five people. Prometheus doesn't want any of his friends to be left out so he tags all that read this. Can't help it. Prometheus has always been this way. The Association of Genies avoids Prometheus like a lead-sealed bottle for his first wish is for a umptillion more wishes.

Tag, you're it.


Anonymous said...

You are a singular creature. Everything you say and do is funny. I would like to do this movie meme, so thanks for the tag.

Lizza said...

I was wondering how you could've cried at Spiderman...reading on, I realized why. Poor Prometheus. I'd probably feel the same way if I loved Spidey that much too.

And I love Bugs Bunny! I just don't want to play blackjack with him. :-)

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich loves Spidey in a non Jedi or gay way too. He was disappointed with the interpretation although this was nothing compared to the outrage he felt when he saw Judge Dredd. Dredd never takes his helmet off. Ever. Even in the shower.

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

I plan to use your Jedi line to explain my singleness in future.

Adrian Lankford said...

I wish you a good journy on the highwaaayy to...the...dangerzone.

Prometheus said...

Prometheus thanks Adrian for his wishes. Only Prometheus would be stepping out of a cardboard box like Calvin and Hobbes. The closest thing he's done is "actually fly a WW-II Tiger Moth". No, not dogfighting the Red Baron. At Sun City in Joburg where the kind pilot, impressed with Prometheus' general knowledge of aviation let him actually do a barrel roll. He later felt guilty splurging 150 USD for a 30 minute joyride.