05 September 2006

Adieu, Steve

Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin, the inimitable environmentalist died in a freak accident. He was filming underwater for Ocean's Deadliest when a stingray spiked his heart.

This is one time crocs won't be shedding crocodile tears. Godspeed, you nasty lovable Ozzie.


Collective Soul said...

Steve Irwin offered an interesting show, was an excellent self-promoter and understood there might be risks. He embraced living what he believed.

SilverSabre said...

It is indeed a sad day :(

Lizza said...

He went unexpectedly into the great big beyond doing what he loved to do best.

Not that I want to go right now, but I wonder if either of us will go in a similar fashion, doing what each of us loves doing best.

With my luck, I'm guessing I'll be kicking the bucket either in the most humiliating way or the most boring way. *sigh*

Prometheus said...

Liz, Prometheus guesses you will come to pass in that house o yours on Maui after a long fulfilling life.

Prometheus? He's gonna go out all guns blazing. Ya know, whatever you guys call heaven and hell, both sides are drawing straws, flipping coins, yada yada to palm Prometheus off onto the other side. Prometheus' last will and testament says he leaves all debts to his ex-boss and wants his mortal remains to be mummified so that humankind can pay homage till eternity.

Anonymous said...

Lovely elegy in the same cheeky spirit as the bloke being elegized.

It took me 900 words to say what you said in 50.

I have much to learn from you, O Prometheus.

Prometheus said...

Aww shucks, Gem. Yer just being nice. Prometheus couldn't be a patch on yer stuff.