07 September 2006

Poetry 101

You may resort
to a word like thyme
That's because
your thoughts don't rhyme

You must insert line
breaks where they
are least

Poets who
don't aren't

Finally, you could get more
than the arses of lemmings
if you spell your name
like e.e. cummings


Lizza said...

If you write
poetry or prose
that is true to your heart and/or

what the f-word does it matter
if others censure you
for lack of rhyme
or for breaking the line

so what

if you spell your name like e.e.
or j.r.r.
or prometheus?

do the opinions of cretins really matter
when such fools are nowhere as interesting as the mad hatter?

terra shield said...

What could be less than the arses of lemmings I wonder...

Your poem made me laugh, dude :D

Woke said...

Damn cool :D

Adrian Lankford said...

Rockin poem.

anisah said...

*giggles uncontrollably*

me likey!

Massive Delts said...

Absolutely moving.

Mimi Lenox said...

Love the poem. Very nice.

Prometheus said...

Thank you dear friends, for it is such appreciation that keeps the Moving (Middle) Finger moving.