26 September 2006

Ism Schism

Prometheus has made common his derision for humanity. He has experienced casteism/racism/generalization, though not as a direct participant. India is strewn with casteist politics, the most recurrent theme being caste-based reservations in education. The UAE has a great storm raging over nationals versus expats, to the extent that Prometheus has heard tell of a school text that depicts a skeleton captioned 'The Extinct National'. The West has already equated Muslims with terrorists, so much that a Sikh gets shot at for having a beard like Someone Who Flies Planes into Buildings. Some blog that Prometheus came upon went on about how Whites and non-Whites don't get along. Sunnis and Shiites have been blowing each other up for quite some time now. And these are modern times. Prometheus hasn't yet gone into the ages of the KKK or the Crusades.

His blogstipation partially stemmed from recent events. Events that, if blogged about, would result in a flame war. Like this one on the otherwise wonderful Secret Dubai blog. And blogs are anyways the works of "some acned 12-year-old in his parents' basement recycling rumors from the Internet echo chamber"

One power-struggle-affected attempt at creating a European Union, one failed attempt at a Common Language, no known attempts at a Common Religion and a history of division and bloodshed prompts Prometheus to wish for the end of the world. How ironic, Prometheus feels, to say 'Prometheus hates all humans'

Nice 50th post that. Wot?


terra shield said...

Yeah... nice 50th post. Thought provoking... :)

Lizza said...

Boy, oh boy. I hope your mood has improved since this post went online. You need to focus on some good news fast. Do not hate all humans, my friend. Heed the words of Master Yoda; you know where hate will lead you eventually.

Prometheus said...

Hai, Sensei Lizza. Prometheus understands. He wants to make a clarification. He (tends to) hates humans, save for his blogmates, August, September and ad infinitum fellowships. If not for some such joys, he would be compelled to perform hara kiri. He keeps his katana back in its scabbard for now.


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Tainted Female said...

Only now you've decided to hate humans?