28 August 2006

Uncrypted Writings

Pained at the extreme discomfort caused to his friends and intimidation caused to others, Prometheus breaks the mystery of the Cryptic Writings. Clues, he cannot provide for he's already said too much. Ergo, the riddle is hereby broken.

Some are hints, the others clues
Look between the I /I.

The I /I as most bloggers would know, are the tags that put text into italics. So the hint is to look for text in italics.

"Prometheus asks his you to put yourself before high as he himself is before the golden state."
Yourself, from your point of view is 'Me', High is a synonym for tall. Similarly, he himself, Prometheus, from his grammatically correct point of view would be 'I'. California, land of another mythical hero, Conan the Barbarian, is the Golden State.

Put these together in the prescribed order. Me, Tall, I, CA

The four refer to James (Jaymz) Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet and Jason Newsted, the four heroes.
"One moved to another temple". Dave Mustaine, the original lead guitarist, was kicked out for his drug abuse and solo hero antics. He went on to create Megadeth, another temple that Prometheus visits.
"One died", Cliff Burton, the bass guitarist from the first lineup died in a freak accident.

"From homicide till black". Homicide, meaning Kill 'em All, their first produced album and Black, the eponymous album also called the black album by fans. Prometheus loved Metallica's work from Kill 'em All, ...And Justice for All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and Metallica (eponymous album). Then Metallica changed their sound. Load, Re-load, Live Shit, St. Anger... Prometheus stopped listening to Metallica. Ergo, the four deities fell from the grace of Prometheus.

Finally, the stress on One indicated Prometheus' love for the Metallica song of the same name. The pic clue was originally intended to be a still from the One video that was to be the next clue. Similarly, the Four Rohirrim. LOTR fans would know Rohirrim are the horse-lords or horsemen. Four Horsemen is another Metallica number favorited by Prometheus.

Prometheus expected the wielder of the Argentum Sword, or SilverSabre, a blogger who loves Metallica and guitars, to solve this. Maybe Prometheus didn't give him enough time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the code is cracked.


Lizza said...

It's now official. You take the cake for being one of the thinkingest guys in the blogworld.

I bow deeply in respect.

Morticia said...

And nothing else matters

Prometheus said...

Cara Mia Tish,
Let's dance to Jump in the Fire. Lurch...

Woke said...

Maybe I ought to have tried a bit harder :D

Prometheus said...

No problemo Woke, there's always another cryptic writing.

[Tries to ignore the screams of 'No more' from anguished readers]

Tainted Female said...

My head still aches from reading the riddle the first time. Please don't do that to me again. LOL!

SilverSabre said...

Wow..absolutely brilliant!

The four rohirrim should have been a dead give away!

..Where do I take this pain of mine...



Prometheus said...

Sorry Taint, for the pain caused.

SS dude, I recommend a cure for your pain. Take that Fender Strat of yours, ramp up the distortion to max presence and let 'er rip. Or if ya have 4-track tapes, turn off the lead/rhythm/vocals and jam up with the Lords of Metal.

MD said...

(I love Metallica. Your writing is very slick! I used to listen to Metallica but weaned off it because it was only making me more angry. Enigma caught me as I fell.