31 August 2006

The August Fellowship

And so ends an eventful month. August. Important for Prometheus, for a lot has happened, blogistically. Earlier, Prometheus would post only when he felt he had something that must be blogged. Ergo, this blog fair would have one or two entries a month and this would happen about 8 months a year.

The chance visit to the UAE Community blog changed all that. Prometheus made a few, very special friends. The lovely Tainted with her wonderful and razor-sharp writing, the amazing Lizza whose blog won the Bestest Blog award, UAE Creatives and their analysis of advertising and media in UAE, Woke and his Bol Dubai that is always a wonderful read, Terra Shield who has discovered the superhero in her, Gem, the witty lady with a kind heart, Yaxlich who is similarly affected as Prometheus with his third-person speak but is way wittier, SilverSabre who shares Prometheus’ adoration of Metallica and Gibson Les Paul guitars, Rhys and his Noah’s Ark-ish World of Bloggers and many others whose blogs Prometheus stalks. Prometheus is indeed fortunate to have email contact with some of these blogmates. He has found friends. Prometheus dubs these The August Fellowship, for he found them in the month of August and they are indeed august as in ‘impressive, majestic, dignified, noble’.

The Moving (Middle) Finger wrote an amazing 12 posts, including this one, in this August, inspired by the above-mentioned august friends. Prometheus hopes this tribe of friends grows in number and in love. In his current, schmoozy state of mind, he wishes the best for all these blogs and the bloggers behind them and hopes the Moving (Middle) Finger doesn’t fall prey to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

SlĂ inte mhath. (Pronounced Slaan-je-vaah, Gaelic for ‘Cheers’)

PS: Despair not, if your blog doesn't find mention here. We are currently accepting membership to the September Species, bidding starts at US$ 100. Banking details available upon request.


SilverSabre said...

Greetings to the creator of man and giver of light..

This is indeed an honour, I will attempt to live up to it. I will be visiting often, and will be adding you to my tome of greatness (otherwise known as my links)


Lizza said...

What an honor it is to be part of the select, ultra-cliquish August Fellowship! Being part of such an august gathering is humbling indeed.

You are a mighty fantastique blogging person yourself, I profess. But then, what else would you expect from someone who rubs elbows with the rulers of the heavens, Middle Earth, and the underworld?

P.S. You mean I have to pay to gain admission to September Species? lol

terra shield said...

The August Fellowship. What an Honour.

(Takes a bow)

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich too is honoured to be amongst such esteemed company and would like to thank Prometheus for including him.

Cheers (which is English for 'Cheers')


Tainted Female said...


You just keep linking me. We're blessed to consider you a friend too, you know that right?

Anonymous said...

My apologies that I have not wagged a finger in response to this post earlier. All caught up sending youngest progeny off to college, not without glitches. I am honored to be recognized by such a swanky, international dude as thee. I can't figure you out. You know Gaelic, and you have connections to India, the UAE and Seeceely. You are an enigma of Promethean proportions.