24 August 2006

The Bestest Commercial yet?

This Honda ad was made by Cog. It's pretty old now but still enthralls me. What's special about this Rube Goldberg contraption is that NO CGI WAS USED. It took five months, A$ 6 Million and 606 takes to create this gem. The only post-production touchup is the lighting on the car doors. Needless to say, it got the gold at Cannes.

Click to get the ad. The Autoplay was getting a tad irritating.

All rise as we salute Cog.


Krishna said...

Yeah, I remember this ad! I believe it was made in 2002 or 2003. I don't believe there has been any other ad which was this good that has been out recently.

Lizza said...

Mon ami,
I'd seen this one before, and yes...it's jaw-dropping amazing! I love how the wipers sashay along the floor like some misbegotten primitive life form.

Great ad!

eriu said...

I didn't realise that it didn't use and CGI, the advert has become more incredible because of it :).

Medals to the people that created the layout and position of all the parts, it's ingenius.

UAE Creatives said...

That was fantastic! I wonder which production house helped in the execution. Definitely a feather in their cap too!

Woke said...

Wieden + Kennedy (www.wk.com) was the agency behind the ad.

They had to disassemble two Honda Accords to work it out.

Prometheus said...

I personally loved the 'rotating tailpipe' part. One part that has always boggled my mind though is the 'tyres domino'. Tyre two ascends and bumps tyre three and stays there. Physics would have it that Tyre Two should roll back down.

Tainted Female said...

I've never seen this, but Damn! It's fantastic!

Prometheus said...

Aye, it is fantastic Taint. Not unlike yourself, Lizza, Woke, Yaxlich, UAECreatives, and the other works of art that this humble blog links to.

Amanda said...

yep, never gets old

H said...

yes.. but you have to see the spoof on this one. it's even bettah.

my personal favourite cannes winner is this ad that goes like this:

a series of photographs show several sad looking couples. under each a text plate appears to tell us who they are
Mr & Mrs Hitler
Mr & Mrs Mussolini
Mr & Mrs Ceausescu

and then the image fades to black. the final text plate says:
If only they had known about XYZ condoms.

[or something to that effect].