16 August 2006

Quizzeria Uno

Quiz fever's been doing the rounds. Prometheus has been blogsurfing quite a bit these days, given that he has not much to do asides from picking navel lint. Way too many blogs feature this quiz result thing. But when I see quizzes on some of the blogs I like (Loud shout to Lizza, Tainted) I have to play 'keeping up with the whatztheirnames' (Jones is too Pommie and I couldn't spell Krzynsltsky).

But Prometheus has to be different, doesn't he? So he doesn't take the 'favorite celeb you resemble' quiz. Something caught his eye. And it still hurts. The 'what will your obituary say' quiz. Being denied euthanasia (wonder why they call it euthanasia, I mean, youth in europe might want to kill themselves too), he jumped at the quiz. And he shares the results, as are supposed to be. Therefore:

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Prometheus the Software Guy knows how horribly inadequate these quizzes can be, but this one gets the 'Yer damn right on the spot' award.

We are now accepting your 'heartiest condolences'. No faeces, I did come across this one.


Reeholio said...

At least Darth Vader cares for you!

Thanks also for checking out A World of Bloggers. I guess I set a precedent by giving the Canadian spot to an Irish lady living there, so I have put your blog in the UAE spot since you live there.

Welcome to A World of Bloggers. Regards, Rhys

Prometheus said...

Merci, Rhys. Initiate linkback sequence, warp factor 9, on my command.

'Ready, captain'.

Make it so!

Tainted Female said...

Ummm I die a terrible death and am missed by the cat!

Pretty accurate for me, it seems! lol!

Thank you for adding my blog to your blgoroll... I'm off to add yours to mine in return!

Lizza said...

I will die quietly in an art museum with a smirk on my face.

Ohhh, goodie! I wonder what will cause that smirk?

And I'll be missed by the Muppets.

Prometheus said...

Taint, something tells me that cat is gonna be someone called Black Feline?

Liz, that smirk o yours is gonna be on account of runnin down yer Medusa with yo CLK GTR near yo house in Maui.

Sorry guys, none o ya is gonna die so soon. Ya guys have a responsibility ya know. Readin and commentin MY blog.

terra shield said...

I dig the post on Latin... will be back for more...