16 April 2007

The Last Day

Ma'salamah, al-Imarat al-Arabiya al-Muttahida.
(Goodbye, United Arab Emirates)

We will meet again someday.

The Game Of Love
© By Wilma Trip

What we thought was love and happiness.
Is now gone all that's left is to move on.
Say goodbye and walk away.
Take your wounded pride put it aside.
The game of love you have lost.
Your broken heart is the cost.
Count your blessings and pray maybe.
You will win at the game of love one day.
Just learn when to walk away.
Your strong enough to say good bye.
Don't hold back it's okay to cry love hurts sometimes.


LAR said...

It's :( to know that you're living UAE, the country that you've loved and ventured for quite a long time but :) because you've been blessed with courage to say goodbye and intelligence to face the challenges of new places and new friends. Your blog friends will always be here for you and I know, sooner or later, you'll find a place that will make your mind fruitful and your heart peaceful.

Julia Scissor said...

Love is not love
which alters when it alteration finds.

May your love for enterprise never wane.

(Who knows you may end up finding even greener pastures than the UAE! Needless to say, I'll be there for you.)

Radha said...

Aww :(
Cheer up dude...!!
You're going to do great in Mumbai and here's to new beginnings !!

lizza said...

Safe travels, mon ami. And you know I'm not referring to just physical distance and geographic location.

Don't forget to have fun!

D said...

Bon voyage... :)
And yes...we will meet again someday...
Take care...

Optimistic Guard said...

have a safe trip back to india.

Dani said...

Good luck, Prometheus. :)