24 January 2007

OMG You Guys!

And the winner is "The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes".

Earlier this month, the fine folk over at the Blog of the Day Awards gave us the Blog of the Day Award.

Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

Now, we learn that we have also won the Insignificant Awards too.

So it's time for the Oscar Speech bit. Since the olfactory system of Prometheus is blocked tighter than Mumbai roads when the President visits, he has asked an old friend to do the awards speech thinger.

Prometheus' gotta go get loud suits and dark shades. Ah, being a celebrity is tough you know.

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Anonymous said...

You won best blog of the day? Wow! That's terrific. Like Gollum, I don't have any friends, nobody likes me. Do you think one cheesy brown icon makes up for all the pain and suffering you endure, trying to make the blogsophere happy, day in and day out with entertaining posts. Best blog of the day sucks. They are bunch of f&%@ing hacks. (I never should have watched that clip from the MTV awards. I'm way too impressionable)

Radha said...

Congratulations....your blog does give 'insignificance' a whole new dimension!

Julia Scissor said...

How could you not win 'Blog of the Day' when I nominated you myself?
* patronising look*

(Psst: I nominated you only coz I couldn't nominate myself according to the rules.)


Suspect said...

Gollum is the MAC!
(like MC Vikram, nah mean?)

LAR said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What can I say? You deserve it, Sir Prometheus! Hooorayyy!!!

terra shield said...

Hey, congratulations!!!

Well deserved I should say :D

D said...

Awww...congrats Prometheus!!!

Lizza said...


But award or no, your blog is still one of the bestest in my book, my precious.

I LOVE that clip. Serkis (and Gollum) are awesome.

Prometheus said...

Gemmolina, Prometheus enjoys reading your comments more than reading his blog. You seem to come up with amazing things, just like Ma. Prometheus thinks that he has found his blog mommy a la Big H.

Radha, now that was tongue in cheek if there was ever a tongue in cheek. Salutations, woman.

Jules, yer not supposed ta kiss n' tell. Wink Wink.

Suspect, Prometheus suspects Suspect is referring to Gollum in a suspectedly derogatory way, calling him some MC Vikram thinger that Prometheus suspects is an ordinary mortal.

LAR, Terra, Deezer, thanks people. What good are awards if one's friends don't go cartwheeling over it. You guys made those awards 'significant'.

Lizzie Wizzie, you dint say YOU were the source of Prometheus finding that clip. (Jules, ya listening?). The vocabulary of human languages does not have terms for describing how precious you are to Prometheus, precious.