16 June 2006

The Relocation of Prometheus

Prometheus has relocated. To Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, hereinafter referred to as 'here'.

This place is overrun by Malbaris. Prometheus isn't communal but he is statistical. 12 out of 5 Malbaris are difficult to even converse with. This activity can result in such pain in the cranium that makes a root canal look like shaving nick. But Prometheus concedes that it is this very collective that has contributed in a major way to building this nation. Probably the largest of the expat community here, they have been here before people knew of this place. Their dilligence cannot be ignored and their grit is admirable. Prometheus identifies with them. He is Indian too and is here driven by the same lucre of the powerful Dirham.

India might not care for its NFR-NRIs ('not-filthy-rich' overseas citizens), but Prometheus would like to think that this country has accorded them the highest honor -They are building artificial islands, shaped like palm trees and called, well, 'The Palms'. Prometheus thinks its a tribute to the lush palm groves back in Kerala.


Harsha said...

LOL at the palms!

Woke said...

This one is sans the coconuts :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe rich nuts would move in once the Palms are ready for habitation :-\