29 June 2006

Tremors of the Earthquake Kind

Tremors have rocked Prometheus' life since time immemorial. He has developed a sort of immunity to them. He even thinks it odd if but a week were to pass without an untoward incident. But an event occured that would redefine his idea of tremors.

Somewhere between 0100 hours and 0130 hours on Thursday, June 29, 2006, as Prometheus sat at his notebook computer, he felt dizzy. A quick self check revealed these weren't a bout of dizziness caused by low blood sugar levels. These were tremors, of the earthquake kind.

Prometheus had felt an earthquake before. The infamous one that razed Nicobar. But there he was part of a rescue team. A full 50-men strong team of professional rescuers with complete 4 ton equipment payload. But today was different. Prometheus found himself in his 15th floor apartment in Ajman, UAE. The general lack of information dissemination systems, the absence of any evacuation plan and his own uninsured state, with gargantuan unsecured liabilities amplified the tremors in the mind of Prometheus. He felt akin to being on the observation deck of the WTC on 9/11, watching the planes come in.

He evacuated himself, taking with him only the bare essentials: whatever little money he had, a few nicotine delivery devices, a picture of his parents, his assorted ID cards and the abovementioned notebook computer. Having wandered the streets clear of any tall structure for about an hour, Prometheus decided he might as well give up and go to his apartment and die at a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius, instead of being broiled in his own sweat outside.

Back at his apartment, a thought crossed his mind. He might not be awake or be awakened if the tremors return. And that time he might not be able to evacuate. A need came upon him to blog what could be his final thoughts.

And thus was written this post, probably the first 'diary' post on this blog, at this unearthly hour. It may grace newspapers tomorrow or Prometheus might recollect this experience at some time in the distant future.

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