17 August 2004

Xandrake FD unveiled

Major boost to the OpenSource Movement

Southpaw County based Xandrake Uncorporated unveiled the much-vaunted distribution that promised to put an end to all monopolistic software corporations. Codenamed Final Debut, sneak previews of Xandrake FD were first seen at last years LEFTEX.

Delivering the FD Internals address, Xandrake Uncorporated's CTO Mr. Art E. Ficial glossed over the radical departure in FD from the established Xandrake internals. "The earlier Xandrake was totally BASHed. FD heralds the first implementation of the 2-bit, processor-native, CRASH kernel. FD revolutionizes user-friendliness by moving everything from the /bin to the /box". Regular readers may recall that we were the first to report Xandrake's ramp-up roadmap to the TRASH kernel, expected by early 2007. Mr. Ficial clarified that Xandrake would meet the target date.

The Mayor of Southpaw County, Ms. Luna-Tic Leftwing announced that the county government would move en-masse over to Xandrake FD. "Our non-opensource, business-critical software runs perfectly under the Whine emulator", said Ms. Leftwing at her press conference announcing tax holidays for Xandrake.

Hotting up the distro-wars, the Asian Hotheads Software Organization (AHSO) revealed first previews of their brand new FD-beating kernel codenamed CRACCARC (Coining Recursive Acronyms Can't Coverup Asinine Ratty Comandlines) that will power Xandrake's arch rival Stymian.


Anonymous said...

I liked your news report spoof. Possibly there are no Indian news spoof sites, so you might want to consider doing this on a regular basis, or of devoting this blog to news spoofing. You could also use illustrations, and then your blog could become something of note. But please use copy-allowed or copylefted illustrations.


Anonymous said...

I looked for the web to find something about Xandrake. What I found was Mandrake Linux 9.2 ,then I got to see Symbian, Then I found some place where I could download tools for developing applications for symbian OS. Thats as usual, You look for something and you endup at something.

Shuit Your Influence is Seen here. First the blog and now opensource. Way Cool guys. More guys & gals will be followers.


Anonymous said...

Way cool spoof. Although it hurt a bit to have fun poked at my school of thought (the copyleft movement), but it was great writing. The Linux world should take note. And as long as its constructive criticism, keep going Prometheus.


Anonymous said...

Awesome rip-off. Guess the Linux cult must've put a price on your scalp. Only if they would stop making it a religion and take it for what it is, another way of computing. Keep going at it Prometheus!

Rox the Fox

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this blog. Left me speechless. Did not want to comment as I was in some sort of a hurry. But this spiffy spoof was irresistible. Xandrake, Stymian, Crash, Luna-Tic Leftwing and Art E. Ficial of Southpaw County? And I thought only geniuses like George Lucas and JRR Tolkien had ultra-vivid imaginations. Maybe Prometheus belongs to the same league.