03 August 2004

Growing Down

A baby is the highest form of human life. Innocent. Nothing has any ‘ambiguous connotations’. Blissfully unaware of Caste, Creed, Gender, Sex (‘Gender’ and ‘Sex’ are not synonyms here). It pursues the highest goal of human life, the pursuit of knowledge.

Cut to 25 years later. Baby has metamorphosed into a ‘slutty, naughty, bitchy’ thing. ‘Gender’ and ‘Sex’ are synonyms now.

Cut to 25 years further. Middle-age mania has set in. Retirement plans and writing epitaphs are prime directives.

Cut to 25 years even further (if someone up there really hates you). Baby is now a senile wastrel, despised by those next in line.

The punch line? Any particular reason we call this phenomenon "Growing Up"?

The title stands explained...


Anonymous said...

Why is it called growing up?Consider the phrases 'shooting up', 'blowing up' and 'breaking up', and you get the answer.


Anonymous said...

Deep thought... but such is life. Nice to see a person who actually thinks... in this brain-dead world.

Anonymous said...

I would call this an Ego Fart...does any one get what i mean to say ? ( some one does )a Blog and the matter in there should be posted by atleast a minimum of 6 people... i feel you want to blah blah ..sorry if i am wrong..lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Suhit,
Also consider Going Down, Tumbling Down... and as far as the next comment goes, Stooping Down. I mean, what does this person want to say? That a blog must be written by 6 people? Someone came in from the cold maybe. Could have responded in a more vitriolic manner, but I'm not here to make Prometheus' blog into a slander match.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't want to make this a slander match"

Way to go. Restraint is what mature people display. BTW, if 'anonymous' really had the courage of his/her conviction, why didn't he/she write his/her name?

Incidentally, _all_ blog entries are ego trips, in a sense. Welcome to human nature. The Ego is part of every action, more or less.

Prometheus said...

Whoa guys...'Ego Fart' didn't sign his/her name. Neither did 'No Slander Match'. This is a blog, a public space (no, I shall desist from calling it my public space). To each his/her own. But honestly, like I'd said earlier, I'd prefer commentors to leave their names and yes, I would like them not to take things so personally that we have a flame war here.

'nuff sed?