22 July 2004


I expected the contents of this blog to generate response. I was not let down. But what was surprising was that the most serious response received (verbally) was over the dedications. I stand somewhat corrected and here is the rectified errata.

Yes, the blog is still primarily dedicated to {The Client}, and shall be till time immemorial. Period.

Suhit san, you are chosen to be relegated a few spots behind. I hope I'm forgiven, but it has to be done. {The Client} (90%) and Suhit (10%) got me actually writing, but 'propriety and fairness' aren't a trait of life.

So the corrected dedications are:

  • To {The Client}, my Firstest and Bestest Friend.
  • To Saidy, my brudder, my alter ego, without whom my life should be mundane.
  • To Melly, the sistah gal, for having put up with Saidy.
  • To Mohideen, apun ka khas dost.. for some of the coolest interface designs on the planet.
  • To Suhit, yeah.. couldn't just cut you out...
  • To Milind, my Friend in Misery, my Comrade at Arms.
  • To millions more who have (mis)shaped me into who I am.

I hope I have poured oil over the storm in a tea cup (Yuck, oily tea?). 'Nuff sed and we get on with the business of writing trash.

PS: (Yes TC, here too) I would appreciate if commentors added their names to the comment instead of being Anonymous.  


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Man.. Am I jealous of this "The Client" or what!