19 July 2004

And having writ moves on...

To what? Too many thoughts, too many things clouding the system.

What does one write on a blog? Some people put poems, others write a diary. I guess I will use it like personal billboard (Environmentalists please note: No trees have been felled to enhance the visibility of this hoarding)

Yeah, doesn't it give us 'creative' types a high to make a statement like 'I'm not doing this for the hoi polloi. This is my personal work of art and I will do as I please with it'?

Maybe that is exactly what I will do. So I guess the best place to start would be to put a

'Any semblance to any person alive or living despite being brain dead it purely intentional. Any sensibilities hurt, however, are purely unintentional. No animals were hurt during the making of this blog, though some would be hurt to find uncharitable mention here.’

And a Warning, for good measure:
‘Rated R: Not for immature audiences (that rules out about half the adult population). The author disowns any responsibility in case minds are left scarred for eternity. Please exercise extreme caution as content could be hazardous. Please consult your safety authorities and use proper protective gear.’

And the Dedication:
‘To {The Client}, my Firstest and Bestest Friend, for being who she is.. and for being sweet enough to believe that I could write and that my writing would be fit for public consumption'


Link to the Updated Dedications

Having made the crappiest opening ever on a blog (do they have Razzies for blogs?), the Moving Finger Moves on.. to find someone or something else to finger with...


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, welcome to the blogosphere! You've got a blank space in which to lay out your personality.

I must say it's a pleasant-looking space. Google always was strong on design, I see.

One un-asked-for blogging tip: It's not necessary for your posts to be chapters. They can be disjointed too!

Well, now that you're a blogger, may I invite you to post to our small mumbai community blog? It was started by a livejournaler, but we have blogspotters too.

It's at

You might also want to check out my own humble blog at

Anonymous said...

To the blog world, welcome my young friend. For great glory are you born, as I always said.

Very well written...

Master Yoda.

Sag's Alter Ego (CTL+ALTER+DEL) said...
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Anonymous said...

Razzies? This blog deserves an Oscar. Man, you are really good. Should try writing a book or even stand-up comedy.

The Client said...
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Prometheus said...

Yaay and Whoop-de-dooThe Gods have smiled... The purpose of life (and this blog) has been accomplished. Houston, we are changing call signs. Liberty 2 is now Air Force One, the President is on board.

For dunderheads who didn't understand the above, it refers to the Most Important Comment above. All rise as we welcome aboard this blog, The Client.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Prometheus Bhaiyya!

Congrats on your very first attempt at public writing. You're a born writer / speaker so its about time the world got to know about it! As i've said to you many times before, you can easily make a career in the Arts, consider that as well!

Await more (non)sense-ical stuff from you!

Anonymous said...

The time to burn her chooth has come.