22 May 2007

How grey is black?

Prometheus believes that religion, beliefs and ethics should keep up with the times. In these grey times, one must adapt or perish, as Darwin hath QED-ed. A scrap in a newspaper has made Prometheus ponder just how much grey is black?

The said scrap spoke of Ego. Not as a despicable trait, but as an energy that should be channelised. The ego-electricity of a team made up of the egos of the team constituents, directionalized by the greater ego-electricity of the team leader, channelized to achieve unimaginable goals. It quoted a certain gent saying 'I forgot to shake hands and be friendly. It was an important lesson about leadership'. How misquoted this quote is, Prometheus knows not. But he know the statement came from someone who he respects. Someone whose biography is the only biography Prometheus has (for no particular reason then) read and (for a particular reason now) cares to read. Lido Anthony (Lee) Iacocca. Boggles the mind, since Prometheus read that Mr. Iacocca preferred to be called Lee by everyone, subordinates included.

The news item spoke of a system that does not shun ego, but harnesses it. A system where old-school niceties would be an encumbrance, Prometheus suspects. It is proven beyond fragment of doubt to Prometheus that doing away with protocol may seem like it brings people closer but actually ends up breeding deep resentment. It is extremely challenging to rein in subordinates who overdraw on the 'first-name-basis' facility given by the leader. When (not if) things reach unbearable proportions, as they soon do, re-establishing control splits people asunder like no other force. Reacting before 'things reach unbearable proportions' (read your mind, didn't Prometheus?) is viewed as over-reacting, overbearing.

Prometheus the old-school gent is at war (albeit politely, with war stoppages for tea and the weekends) with Prometheus the new-age, wannabe overachiever, who loves to quote his hero Bill Gates. 'If I'd had some set idea of a finish line, don't you think I'd have crossed it years ago?'

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Radha said...

So you think an over-achiever cant be an old school gent? :)
Or do you mean that there were no over-achievers in olden days?

Prometheus said...

Radha, the definitions of over-achievement have changed. Billionaire at 60 is no longer hep. Billionaire (self-made) at 30 is. In that sense, one may assume that there were no overachievers in the olden days.

Life isn't digital. In the sense that there isn't a Yes or No, On or Off. But there are leanings. And leaning any one way has its pros and cons.

Julia Scissor said...

This is where 'all men are equal but some are more equal than others rings true'.
Treating unequals equally is as bad as treating equals unequally.

Driver8 said...

Maybe you are more Al Gore than Bill Gates?

H said...

so you're saying you've read the 48 [or was it 49?] laws of power?

Don't ask though, what this question has to do with anything. It's just... just.

Prometheus said...

Jules, ol' Georgie had it right, didn't he?

D8, is that compliment right-handed or left-handed?

Big etcH, so good to see you again. Prometheus has read them 49 Laws and he has read both Sun Tzu and Machiavelli, purely in academic interest. But this one was from a noosepaper. For the record, Prometheus isn't power He just wants to rule the Universe.

Mimi Lenox said...

Prometheus - I like the gent in you, however channeled. It speaks well of you....but I agree that leadership fallacies can occur quickly when protocol goes out the window. The trick is to find the best leader to begin with.

Will Prometheus be running for office soon?

H said...

knock knock knock

Prom Bwoy, come on out and blog.

what is this utterly nonsense disappearance act?

Terra Shield said...

Psst... Where art thou?

SilverSabre said...

Happy new year oh master of the flame.