23 January 2006

Booze for Thought (II)

Lord of the Drinks
Prometheus was at a drinks table with some other Titans. Amid the noises of other drunkards and cigarette smoke and alcohol vapors, the subject at discussion was the quest to discover the inspiration behind the Lord of the Rings. What, apart from 'a certain prohibited substance' conjured up ideas in JRR's mind, especially the idea of the Rings?

The alcohol-soaked brains and nicotine-infested lungs gave rise to a novel thought. Maybe the Rings of Power are but metaphors for 'powers' that are common in our world. Thus, was put forth a theory that:

  • The Nine Rings denote physical prowess. Brute force. Individual might and the might of armies. The force that can pulverize opponents into submission. 'Nine Rings' for it is possessed by many.

  • The Seven Rings signify the power of information. A power that can bend outcomes, force results in one's favor. A force, if wielded correctly, may overpower the Nine. 'Seven Rings' for it is possessed by fewer and demands more skill from its possessor.

  • The Three Rings symbolize the arts and sciences. An evolved power. A refined, sharper force that can be used in disguised manners. 'Three Rings' for it is rare and only the chosen few bear it; and these cannot be given, stolen or transmuted by force.

  • The One Ring is the antithesis of all the above. A force that is common, can be acquired, transmuted, stolen and often is. It seems lifeless and cold. It has a will of its own. None can escape its hypnotic spell. It can be found in the unlikeliest of places and by the unlikeliest of creatures. It lords over the other Rings. Its power bends all but the strongest minds. Money!

Having put forth this brilliantly original theory and having patted themselves on what seemed like their backs, the sozzled Titans ambled home to Olympus. Funny, none remember how they got home.


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Hiren Shah said...

The last ring is important because saraswati(knowwledge)is not always followed by Laxmi(Money). Another context could be that since this is the age of over information, maybe you are better off wearing the last ring and practice management by exception.

Sharon said...

You are terrific man !!!!