31 March 2005


M... Roman for Thousand. Thousand as in the Thousands of Thundering Typhoons of Captain Haddock. Thousand as in Thousand Island Dressing. Thousand as in the number of hits this blog has got till this time.

07 March 2005

'tis the season to be revving

Gentlemen, start your TVs. The Formula 1 season is here. I bid adieu to Sunday evening ‘shooting breeze’ sessions with the boyz. Matters of far greater gravity demand our attention. Matters like BMW Williams’ departure from the Walrus Nose, the repercussions of two maniacs on the same (McLaren) team, the possibility of yet another season of dominance by the Prancing Horse, and most importantly, the performance of ‘our lad’, Narain Karthikeyan.

Yes, I would still cheer for the Kaiser, Herr Schumacher for the drivers’ championship. But I would also cheer for Narry boy, for finishing races, for snicking into the points positions and God willing, a podium or two. Doesn’t mean that Narry’s EJ will be an also-ran. But we’re talking debut year here. Give the lad a couple of seasons and he’d be contending to replace the aging Schumi or Rubinho.

Of course, I’m willing to coach Narry all the way. He should learn a few things about the way they drive auto rickshaws and buses in deah ol’ Mumbai. I could get the Bombay Auto/Taximen Union to provide other eminent speakers. Eddie Jordan must also send his pit crew to Mumbai CNG stations to learn filling up assorted scores of rickshaws and taxis with CNG within the night.

Godspeed, Narain. You have the wishes of a quarter of the world and Prometheus, who more than makes up for the rest. Do India proud and don’t take off that Ashok Chakra on your helmet despite whatever our protocol pundits say. Always makes my eyes moist with pride to see the Chakra stand out in that cesspool of ads.

Afterthought: Is it within regulations to spike the fuel tank with a splash of Red Bull? Never thought ol’ DC could do with the RB car what he couldn’t with the superhot McLaren.

03 March 2005

Fall of the Evil Empire

Bring on the celebrations, let mirth prevail. For the Evil Empire has fallen. Yes, my loyal subjects, we have overthrown the vile Haloscan. We utter'd not a word when they deleted our Sacred Comments, but when they allow'd us not to uninstall them peacefully, we had no recourse but to melt down our plows and fashion from them spears. We fought them hard and fought them well and conquered them we have. And have won back the Sacred Comments as well.

Ergo, my people, you may now resume making offerings to the Sacred Comments again. I will now take that well deserved retreat at the Holodeck. You have the bridge, Number One.