03 March 2005

Fall of the Evil Empire

Bring on the celebrations, let mirth prevail. For the Evil Empire has fallen. Yes, my loyal subjects, we have overthrown the vile Haloscan. We utter'd not a word when they deleted our Sacred Comments, but when they allow'd us not to uninstall them peacefully, we had no recourse but to melt down our plows and fashion from them spears. We fought them hard and fought them well and conquered them we have. And have won back the Sacred Comments as well.

Ergo, my people, you may now resume making offerings to the Sacred Comments again. I will now take that well deserved retreat at the Holodeck. You have the bridge, Number One.


Anonymous said...

Yo Prometheus,

Luks like ya been watching Oscar winners back to back. Again.

And hey, no mention of the Sith this time...

g1 said...

"melt down our plows and fashion from them spears"

dude, yer gonna get fanmail from Fidel Castro and Co. Vive la Revelucion..