23 April 2005

Sound of Music (Pound of Flesh remix)

Dough, a dear, a female dear,
Dancing the night and serving beer,
A vent for those that lech and leer,
This one's cop, that one's a seer,

Hide, flee and run in fear,
Oh! the moral police is here,
Our thoughts they'll cleanse and clear,
On the Shining Path, the nation they'll steer,

But once we stuff bribes up their rear,
The ban will suddenly disappear,
But fatter haftas will now be de rigueur,
And that brings us back to dough.


Me... said...

Amazing dude. I actually sang it in tune. Good stuff.

MS said...

Arise, Sir Prometheus. Though a Knighthood is not honor enough for a litterateur of your esteem.

g1 said...

Bob Marley-esque. Wonderful.

Sidharth said...

That's really good. Why dont we make it Mumbai's Anthem?