20 December 2004

The Evil Empire Rises

Rallied together, the Forces of Sith have. Stronger has grown the Dark Side. Careful we must be, padowans.

The Sith has penetrated Blogger. And Haloscan. First, my profile won't get updated. Still shows old statistics. Then, the WYSIWYG editor won't load. Fortunately, the Elders had provided a non-WYSIWYG editor for fallback. Now, it is the only way to post. If only we had listened to the young one. We failed to see the pattern in this failure. And when we tried to induce Haloscan Commenting and Trackback into this blog, we got the features but all the Sacred Comments of the Golden Past were erased.

I still don't believe Morpheus. I can't be the Chosen One. But I can't watch Zion fall. (Oops! Wrong flick... See? the Emperor, or was it Agent Smith, is upto his old tricks again)

Do a full spectrum sweep of positron signatures for the cloaked Romulan Cruiser. Commander Data, debug the entire system. The future of all mankind rests on us. Battle Stations.


G1 said...

You are so funny that you should publish an advisory not to read this blog while eating or driving. Man, I almost fell of my chair!

Surefire antidote for gloom!

Anonymous said...

Mebbe we shud make it recommended reading for the terminally gloomy.

Reshma ki jawani said...

Aai zhavadya!