19 December 2006

Return of the Peace Globes

Regular readers, as opposed to decaf readers, will remember Prometheus went about Digging a Tunnel with a Plastic Spoon. For decaf readers, Prometheus will engage in repetition. Prometheus' blog-buddy Mimi came up with this amazing idea. Folks get a Peace Globe image from her, sign it with their name and send it back to her. Simple. And why are we doing it?

Flower power was the old black. Signing a Peace Globe is the new black. No, we do not have free sex or free drugs but you can play Rock (fine, we'll tolerate Hip Hop). Mims and her friends are doing Round Two. So if somebody was passed out dead drunk and lolling the last time we did this, now's your chance. The Peace Globes ain't a gifball (© Prometheus) that you sign and forget. It is a commitment to peace. Peace, that springs from within you and encompasses your world. No, you don't have to be celibate. Yes, non-virgins are allowed.

They say an infinite number of monkeys given typewriters will eventually come up with Shakespeare. Prometheus says you monkeys get signing Peace Globes and we can eventually come up with World Peace. Remember folks, its us who are the world. So don't wait for a messiah. Be one. Prometheus had wisecracked that this Peace Globe thing is like the aforementioned digging tunnels with plastic spoons. Well, Mims ain't listenin. And it IS Christmas time. So let's play Santa and get her one of these.

Tunnel Boring Machine

Ok, enough with the Guru speech. You be good children and traipse over to Mimi's and read all about it, straight from the Queen, as she spook it.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I for one am glad non-virgins are allowed. Clever, very clever: "signing a Peace Globe is the new black." Almost clever enough to hide that big old soft Prometheus heart--but not quite. I see right through that crusty albeit urbane exterior.

Anonymous said...

No free sex? You mean we have to pay for it? ;-)

Great post, mon ami. Commitment to peace involves many steps and this looks to be a step that anybody can do.

Anonymous said...

I missed the peace movement the last time it happened. Any specific directions about how to get a peace globe & 'sign' it?

Prometheus said...

Gemmolina, you really are like me mum. Prometheus could never pull the wool over her eyes.

Liz, wayyl Prometheus can't talk about that ya know. Jules would kill him.

Jules, ya go over to Mim's and get that jpg from her. Use any image editor to decorate it (dont ferget to put yer name) and mail it back to her. Ya cin also refer to the 'Diggin tunnels' post to go over to Frank Sirianni's place and check out the awesome gallery of globes.

Mimi Lenox said...

Prometheus - YOU ROCK.

How did you know I asked Santa for that? That's just what I need to get this movement moving.
Well chosen and clever discourse, my friend. I love this post. Thanks for keeping me inspired.
Mims has to go now. More digging to do......